From working at heights to using power tools and ladders, there are inherent risks involved in roof tiling work. The Australian Roofing Tile Association and its members take roof safety very seriously, and want all tilers to go home safely after a day on the roof. We therefore want to minimise the risks and create awareness around the dangers involved with installing our members’ products. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the resources below which provide guidance on effective work, health and safety practices for roof tiling.

Safety Publications Walking on a Flat Tiled Roof (Download PDF)

This ARTA guide visually conveys the dos and don’ts in regards to walking on flat tiled roofs. 

Safe Propping for Builders in Roof Installation (Download PDF)

This ARTA guide provides a checklist and recommendations for the safe propping of a roof for builders.

Safe Roof Propping for Roof Workers (Download PDF)

This ARTA guide provides a checklist and recommendations for safe use of propping for roof workers to check before the installation.

Silica Dust Fact Sheet (Download PDF)

This fact sheet and accompanying checklist outlines the health hazards associated with silica dust as well as provide key regulations and methods for minimising exposure levels.

Glazed Roof Tile Safety Fact Sheet (Download PDF)

This fact sheet outlines the safety hazards and provides workplace recommendations in relation to handling cut or broken glazed roof tiles.

Multi-Grip Fasteners Safety Fact Sheet (Download PDF)

This fact sheet outlines the safety hazards in relation to roof truss fasteners and recommends alternative methods of roof fastening.

Industry Safe Work Videos

ARTA has developed an industry code of conduct on safety for roof tilers through a series of safety videos that can be viewed on your mobile device. The aim of these videos is to educate roof tilers and apprentices on key safety procedures as well as how to manage the risks involved in roof tiling work.

To access the videos, click on the YouTube videos seen below or scan the below QR Code.



The ARTA Safe Use of Ladders to Access Roofs video demonstrates not just how to use a ladder safely but also what ladder to choose, how to set up your ladder correctly and how to prepare your site and team for safe work.


The ARTA Working at Heights video explains how to prepare and make sure any work completed at heights is safe. This means controlling onsite risks and having safety mechanisms in place as well as how to work on the roof in a safe manner.


The ARTA Safe Use of Power Tools When Working on Roofs video demonstrates how to ensure all onsite power tools are safe to use and how roof tilers can ensure they are used safely.

Safe Propping

Through recent surveys the Australian Roofing Tile Association has identified safe propping as a pressing issue in the bricking industry.

ARTA is motivated to make a conscious change in the approach to propping procedures in order to ensure workers are correctly identifying safety hazards and subsequently preventing injuries or damage.

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