Handcrafted from non-combustible materials, roof tiles are renowned for their effective fire-resistance. Rated class A in terms of fire-performance, roof tiles are not only effective guards against external flame attacks such as bushfires but also offer protection during isolated fires which originate in the home.


Due to their strong thermal properties, roof tiles are extremely effective temperature regulators meaning cooler air in summer and warmer during winter. This can potentially lead to big savings as your reliance on internal heating devices will be severely diminished throughout all points of the year.


Manufacturers stand by the quality of roof tiles, offering warranties that last a minimum of 50 years. The durability of these products is due to the inherent strength of the materials invested into their designs. Concrete tiles actually get stronger with age, while terracotta tiles are fired and hardened in a kiln for several days during the manufacturing process.


Due to their thickness and density, roof tiles offer greater acoustic insulation than any other roof types. This is an especially important point of consideration for families living in environments exposed to large volumes of external noise such as urban regions or below popular flight paths. Roof tiles are capable of reducing external sounds by 30 decibels, which, for example, would soften the noise of an aircraft to a more qualified level.


Boasting a wide variety of colours, shapes, shades and styles, concrete and terracotta roof tiles offer a creative license with a potential that is almost limitless. From Traditional Federation, to Spanish Colonial Revival and beyond, roof tiles can be optimised to conform to your favourite design style or can even be customised to create something truly unique and one-of-a-kind.


After installation, roof tiles require little to no maintenance. Prior to their release, tiles undergo a quality assurance assessment to ensure they can exceed expectations during the harshest of conditions. Due to their natural strength and durability, roof tiles rarely require any maintenance making them a prime long term investment.


All concrete and terracotta roof tiles are resistant to salt attack, meaning they will not corrode or degrade under the influence of salt crystal exposure. Because large portions of the Australian population live on the coast, roofs with the ability to resist the long term impacts of salt attack are vital.


All roof tiles conform to World Health Organisation standards for healthy drinking. No hazardous toxins are injected into any roof tiles during the manufacturing process. This means rainwater collected on your roof and stored in a water tank is completely safe to drink. However, external contaminants such as clogged gutters, animal interference and pollution must still be addressed.


Terracotta and concrete roof tiles offer high wind performance and are capable of resisting winds up to 125mph which exceeds typical cyclone conditions. Their superior performance is due to the heavy weight associated with roof tiles which allow them to better repel against wind suction, something that lighter roof types struggle to combat, particularly in emergencies.